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    ISCAR offers a complete package of hole making solutions for various machining challenges while taking the customer's requirements into consideration, in terms of cutting parameters and many different production floor factors. We offer a wide range of drilling tools starting from Ø0.8 (in full solid carbide) up to Ø80 mm (with indexable inserts). The drilling ratio is available from short 1.5XD to extremely long 100xD (as BTA and gundrill systems).

    The company’s policy is to put special emphasis on a high level of technical support for each project and to accompany it from start to end.

    ISCAR's slogan "Where innovation never stops" is deeply implemented by one of the world's leading metalworking R&D teams, which continuously works on upgrading and designing new products. Every new product is intended to provide the highest productivity level, while keeping customer's costs low.

    During the last two years many new products were released to the market:
    1. CHAM IQDRILL: New family with drilling range of 33 to 40 mm with 1.5, 3, 5 & 8 length to diameter ratios. Features a unique design, utilizing the carbide flexibility for self-locking; eliminating the need for clamping accessories.

    2. HCP-IQ SUMOCHAM Drilling Heads: New revolutionary drilling head geometry that features concave cutting edges which substantially enhance the self-centering capability of the drill. The new HCP-IQ drilling heads, available in 6 to 32.9 mm diameters in 0.1mm increments, enable using up to 12xD long drills without the need for a pilot hole operation.

    3. SUMOCHAM Flat Drilling Heads: The new flat face drilling heads are designated FCP, designed for drilling steel components (ISO P/K material group). Drilling with the FCP inserts provides a nearly flat bottom in the hole, a requirement in a variety of applications. The FCP drilling head available in 6 to 25.9 mm diameters in 0.1 mm increments.

    4. ICG Chip Splitting SUMOCHAM Drilling Heads:
      The new ICG drilling heads are available in 16 to 25.9 mm diameters, in 0.5 mm increments. Popular sizes for the heat exchangers industry are also available.
      ICG geometry should be regarded as a general machining option, it is mostly recommended for drilling austenitic stainless steel, where it can solve chip evacuation problems in deep drilling applications.
      The revolutionary design of chip splitting notches makes it possible to achieve small, short segment chips, thus facilitating the chip evacuation process.

    5. DR-TWIST New HD Chipformer for Drilling Low Carbon Steel: The new chipformer cuts the machined material into short chips which are easily evacuated along the flutes.

    6. DCNT – New SUMOCHAM Pre-Thread Hole Drills:
      The new drills were designed for M8 to M24 ISO M standard pre-thread holes.
      DCNT drills carry two standard chamfering inserts designated AOMT 060204-45DT IC908, symmetrically mounted so that the cutting forces are balanced for optimal performance.

    7. SUMOGUN: For deep drilling applications of a diameter range of 10 to 25 mm (total length of 1000 mm). Enables replacement of the drilling head inside the machine. Fully effective drilling heads, which enables drilling at much higher table feed rates, compared to most other gundrills available in the market.
    All these products are broadly used in hole making operations worldwide. They are common in the automotive, die and mold, mining, aerospace and other important industries.
    For a specific application, ISCAR can offer a wide range of solutions tailored to customer's needs.
    ISCAR's specially tailored tools are advantageous for performing a variety of functions with one tool, while focusing on achieving the highest degree of efficiency and economy.
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